Throughout the real environment, we reside throughout today, concrete architecture is a revolutionizing concept if Especially in relation to Pakistan than its latest progressing urban lifestyle ventures Both domestic and foreign buyers and people are in the limelight. The price of clean, comfortable, and modern living was never more affordable Good news for those involved, modern élite ventures should now be more popular Islam. In India. After Bahria Town’s popularity in Pakistan’s biggest cities, a new one Project called New Metro City will reveal headlines. In recent days, despite Bahria town’s commercial performance in major cities such as Karachi Get equipped for an affluent lifestyle in other non-major cities like Gawadar and Now in Kharian, and even in Punjab.


The urban lifestyle is certainly accessible in Pakistan’s major cities, but regrettably, we can’t argue the same with other nation’s non-major cities and districts. What’s up for the Cost of life for cities like Gawadar and Khairan? And plenty of other small one’s Pakistan Urban Cities?

That is where Malik Bilal, the grandson of renowned leader Malik Riaz, fits in, his The fight to maintain his family tradition led him to launch an outstanding project within the context of the Name of BSM Entrepreneurs, its own production business. Since having invested in Gawadar with A community identified as ‘Gawadar cost area’ (the first and only construction in the town of Gawadar Gawadar) He is back in Khairan with a greater passion for a fresh and enhanced project that should prove to be of great value to his nation and to citizens residing abroad, as well as to invest in Never was modern lifestyle this easy

Present Metro City design Kharian


The initiative on which Bilal’s operates is called ‘New Metro City,’ which is expected to be The next town of Kharian in Bahria, its construction is all set and the position of this is on the go The accommodation is on the GT route, not far from Gujarat and Mirpur.


The New Metro City is not only a great spot to move down but also acts as a home to live. Assisting production in the medium and long term, irrespective of whether the consumers are local or not. The initiative offers foreign payment and exchange services with instructions and in reality, adjustable rights on increments. Every requirement and desire is given with the condition of Art content and protection makes things much simpler for you to rely on, so what are you waiting for? Because? Book and contact the authorities concerned or the contacts listed for bookings and Data.