In Today’s article, we ‘re going to seek and learn about the forthcoming “New Metro City” project in Sarai Alamgir, before going into depth let me first learn about Kharian ‘s position and then Sarai Alamgir.

Its famous tehsil, located in the Pakistan, District of Punjab, falls between the rivers of Chenab and Jehlum with northern foothills of the Kashmir mountains. A broad population developed south of here. Sarai Alamgir is Gujrat District tehsil in the north of Pakistan’s provenance of Punjab. This has Jhelum to the Northwest, Kharian to the Northeast, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir to the North, and Mandi Bhauddin to the South.

Amid Gwader Golf City’s enormous public recognition, BSM developer would launch a new housing system to counter general market demand. This housing society aims to provide an opportunity to those citizens who want to live a royal life. Bahria Town and Gawadar Golf City are the examples of the same quality of living and most importantly to offer tough competition to those housing societies who raise money from people in the name of construction but don’t explore.