New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir is a BSM project situated in the northern Punjab region. There are lots of small schemes inside this city of Gujrat, but New Metro City would be one of the biggest housing projects.

The project will build on this oldest city of Pakistan, unique architectural infrastructure and a comfortable life

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The New Metro City development plan contains all the new infrastructure and has residential as well as commercial connections to encourage neighborhood residents.

Select place:

In Kharian, Gujrat, Sarai Alamgir Tehsil ‘s leading city, is located the project. There are no proper housing companies in Gujrat so this project along with a large corporate community would be a huge success.

Appropriate Power Lines:

Electricity is one of the key features, but electricity supply is a problem for most of the world. Nowadays, most electrical machinery operates so that low power devices are not able to fulfill the needs correctly.

Keeping this in mind, the NMC map has resolved its residents’ problems by providing separate power connections for every plot and building.

Sui Gas:

Sui Gas is another important need for everyday usage in homes after electricity. The low supply of Sui Gas causes many problems because we can’t cook properly and can’t live without fuel. New Metro City has also addressed this issue by providing the option of having a joint or individual link to each residential and commercial property. Also in a similar room, a separate Sui Gas connection may be added to every floor to avoid any discomfort.

Telephone Lines:

New Metro City also offers telephone connections that can be built in the appropriate configuration for those who need this facility in their home or business premises. The continuous telephone service here in the New Metro City provides people the ability to conveniently connect to anywhere in the world.


Here, on the Kharian phase 1 of the New Metro City map, it is simple to reach public transit which solves multiple resident problems. This also provides the BRT Bus Service to its people.

Large Roads:

Walking on the narrow and crowded streets is a major issue, but New Metro City has often considered the dilemma of the residents, in many localities, creating barriers for walking around and parking. This means that you have easy access to broad roads, which can solve both the car park and walking difficulties at a time.


New Metro City also provides its residents with the services of such hospitals to have an ambulance 24/7. Not just the professional staff but all the simple, functional equipment at these hospitals.

Clean Water:

The drinking, bathing, cleaning, or cooking of water is required for every operation of every daily life. It is therefore important that this blessing is ensured that the earth is secure and clean.

This basic need is lacking in many areas, but New Metro City is not only supplying the water but is also cleaning up and purifying it.


The priesthood is a mandatory aspect of all lives to meet the creator and to seek HIS grace and HIS blessing. Each faith has one or the other unique place to pray for the Muslims Masjid (Mosque). This religious need has been also seen in The New Metro City and beautifully clean and tidy mosques in its dreamland have been built. New Metro City sector 1 map shows Jamia Masjid –e- Bilal


New Metro City is not only responsible with its inhabitants’ safety and culture. We have been able to train, rest and indulge with their friends in a number of locations such as clubhouses, malls and multiplex theater, trampoline pool, playgrounds for the youth, and the Theme Aqua park. Current Metro City map displays every group of planned locations.

Schools and Colleges:

Despite the industrial absence, many societies satisfy the basic need for schooling. The people have to go to colleges or hospitals, but in the Modern Metro Region you don’t have to worry about it either. This has made primary, secondary, and college open.

Pleasant Environment:

Gujrat is one of the beautiful cities in Pakistan and the New Metro City has further enhanced its attractiveness. It provides a friendly environment in which people can have a full time of fun and peace of mind. This also features iconic attractions such as Trafalgar Square, Bilal Villas, Glow Gardens, NMC Miracle Garden and several others.


Given the crime situation in the world, security is one of the most important factors. The safety and security of people have also been discussed in New Metro City. The CCTV Cameras are accessible 24/7 and are fitted for surveillance in the Gated Community with the Boundary Wall.

New Metro City Master Plan:

The society has an amazing master plan for sector 1 comprising of several residential and commercial plots for sale, contact expert realtors at thelandassociates to book your plot in New Metro City.