One of the most important things people think when searching for a rental group to find a house is the ease of access. Since not everybody in Dubai owns a car, many people rely on public transportation. It is why individuals choose to live in a neighborhood that can conveniently be reached from all city areas.

Residential ventures and properties in Dubai by Dubai Developers have undergone a spurt. Any of them are, however, situated in places that are not so readily accessible. Living in such projects can lead people to have a problem with commuting. Particularly for those who regularly have to drive to other areas of the city for work purposes. That said, the communities along the current Dubai Metro Route 2020 line have seen a rise in demand.

This new route, an extension of the Dubai Metro, will connect Expo 2020 to Nakheel Habour & Tower Metro Station. This 15 km long project is planned to provide seven stations in five different locations. Of these seven, three stations are situated in neighborhoods that have the ability for individuals searching for rental homes or apartments for sale in Dubai to become the top priority. Let’s have a look at them:

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a stunning community that suits families well. This trendy neighborhood has lush green landscapes based on the style of the six gardens. These landscapes significantly improve the elegance of Discovery Gardens. Dubai Media District, Dubai Internet City, and other leading business centers in the city are nearby. It is another reason why demand has risen for residential projects situated here.

More people would like to live here once the 2020 Dubai Metro Line Extension project is finished. Not only will its demand rise because of its proximity to these centers, but also because of the facilities it provides.

Ibn-e-Battuta Mall has situated only a short distance from Discover Gardens and is known as Dubai’s best mall. This particular mall is a sanctuary for shoppers since you can find nearly anything here. Besides, the IMAX cinema is also situated in the mall. Other than the mall, there are nearby popular shops, wellness centers, and educational institutes. You should also travel down to JBR’s white beaches, which are not far from Discovery Gardens if you like spending time by the sea.

Dubai Investment Park

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is an excellent option for those who choose to live in a green and safe neighborhood. DIP nestles in well-planned residential, commercial, and industrial areas as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods. There is also an array of outdoor facilities, making it suitable for families.

Moreover, there are five colleges in the city, medical centers with state-of-the-art services, and retail centers where you can find anything under the sun. Fitness centers with new appliances and hotels that offer unique features can also be located here.

One of the key reasons it is worth having a home in this neighborhood is its affordable prices. You will get them without burning a hole in your pockets, whether you are searching for a villa to rent or an apartment.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates is your ultimate option if you search for a community that provides a comfortable lifestyle amid stunning views. This neighborhood has it all, from award-winning golf courses to all the new facilities. It will be conveniently accessible after the completion of the current Metro Dubai route makes it an even better choice.

Jumeirah Golf Estates, home to several districts, currently has only three available choices for individuals searching for a home in this city. Redwood Park, Redwood Avenue, and Allandalus Apartments are among these. The rest of the districts are fully booked.

The residential buildings are nothing short of architectural marvels in each district. Every housing unit is wonderfully built, with the new requirements in mind. Each Jumeirah Golf Estates district has its range of characteristics that are specifically designed to help residents lead a luxurious and comfort-filled lifestyle.

Five spectacular lakes and magnificent scenery are also present in this particular neighborhood. So, for nature-lovers, it has lots in store.

Before the beginning of Expo 2020, the Dubai Project Extension project was scheduled to be finished. However, the completion status is not too exact, owing to the latest global pandemic. Also pushed to 2021 is the much-awaited Expo 2020. Regardless of this fact, if you are looking for a new residence in Dubai, these communities that are located next to the route surely deserve your attention.