New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir is a project of BSM which is going to start finest essay writing on line in Gujrat Division in the North of Punjab province. There are many other small projects in this location of Gujrat but New Metro City is going to be one of the huge housing schemes.

The project is a unique architectural infrastructure and luxurious lifestyle of the new city is going to increase the beauty of this oldest city of Pakistan.

New Metro City contains all the modern facilities and has both residential and commercial availabilities within it to facilitate the residents of the city as well as the nearby residents.

The project is located in Kharian, Gujrat the main city of Sarai Alamgir Tehsil. There aren’t any proper housing societies in Gujrat so this project is going to be a grand success along with a big business community.

About the Developer

The New Metro City is the Project of BSM which stands for Bilal Steel Mills. It is one of the leading companies in the country that has completed many projects successfully. One of its recently accomplished projects is Gwadar Gold City in the city of Gwadar.

The success of this project is for sure because the developer does not need any introduction; it is very well known in the Real Estate Industry. And you do not even need to think before investing in the project as BSM is the most faithful and the worthiest developer that always maintain their clients’ trust.

About the Owner

The New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir is owned by an enthusiastic, hardworking, well-known owner of a mega housing society in Gwadar; Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik who belongs to a strong Real Estate Family background. His grandfather, Mr. Malik Riaz is a Real Estate business Tycoon and a leading name within the country.

He is also the owner and the chairman of the familiar property within the country i.e. “Bahira Town”.

NOC of New Metro City Kharian

The Town Municipal Administration (TMA) Sarai Alamgir, Gujrat has given the Planning Permission (PP) letter to the project of BSM Developers New Metro City Kharian.

It has also applied for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) which is hopefully going to be approved very soon.

Location of New Metro City Kharian

The New Metro City is located at an interesting place which is very convenient for most of the nearby localities and joining the major cities of the countries i.e. the main G.T Road.

It falls between the Kharian and Sarai Alamgir and is one of the major routes followed by most of the national travelers for different purposes.

Plot and Payment Plan

The below payment method is based on a-3-year-installment-plan for the Residential Plots including the development charges.

The processing and form fee for 5 & 7 Marla Plots is Rs.8000 and for 10 Marla & 1 Kanal Plots is Rs. 16,000.

Moreover, there is a 5% discount on the Lump Sum Payment but 10% charges may apply on the plots that are facing the park, at the corner of the main boulevard.

Modern Amenities of New Metro City Kharian

1.    Clean Water:

Water is a blessing of Al-Might Allah which essentially needed in every task of everyday life whether it is drinking, cleaning, washing, or cooking.

So there is a huge need for this blessing to be sure to get a healthy and sound life as well as the environment.

There are many areas which are deprived of this basic need but New Metro City is not only going to provide proper supply of water but also clean and purify it.

2.    Proper Electricity Lines:

Electricity is one of the principal features but most of the areas within the country are facing electricity supply issues. Nowadays, most of the appliances work on electricity so the low electricity units cannot fulfill the needs properly.

Keeping this need in mind, New Metro City has solved the problem of its residents by providing each plot and house with separate electricity connections.

3.    Sui Gas:

After electricity, Sui Gas is another essential need for everyday use at homes. The low supply of Sui Gas creates a lot of issues as we cannot cook properly and without food one cannot survive.

New Metro City has resolved this matter as well by giving the option to have collective or the individual connection to each residential as well as the commercial plot. Even in the same flat one can apply to have separate Sui Gas connection on each floor to avoid any inconvenience.

4.    Telephone Lines:

New Metro City is also providing the Telephone connections, anyone who needs this facility at their residential or commercial plot can apply through a proper format.

The uninterrupted telephone connection here at the New Metro City allows the residents to enjoy themselves by easily getting connected to any corner of the world.

5.    Transport:

The public transport can easily approach here in front of the New Metro City Kharian which solves a lot of issues of the residents. It also provides the BRT Bus System to its residents.

6.    Broad Roads:

Living within the small and clogged streets is a big problem seemed in many localities which create hurdles for walking by and parking, but New Metro City has also considered on this issue of the residents.

Hence, it is providing you wide roads with easy access which can easily solve your parking as well as walking problems both at a time.

7.    Hospitals:

New Metro City is also giving its residents the facility of such hospitals where they can have the availability of 24/7 emergency. These hospitals not only have the Experienced Staff but also all the basic modern types of equipment.

8.    Security:

Considering the criminal circumstances of the country, security has become one of the major elements. New Metro City has also pondered over the safety and security of the residents.

It provides a Gated Community along with the Boundary Wall and there is a 24/7 CCTV Cameras system for their surveillance.

9.    Mosque:

The prayer an obligatory part of everyone’s life to get closer towards the CREATOR and gain HIS mercy and blessing. Every religion has one or the other specific place for prayer, so for the Muslims Masjid (Mosque) is the one. The New Metro City has put the glance over this religious need as well and has added beautiful, clean and purified mosques in its dreamland.

10.    Schools and Colleges:

There are many societies in spite of being modern lack to fulfill the basic need of education.

The residents have to travel for away to get their children to the schools or colleges but within the New Metro City.

You don’t have to worry about this matter as well. It has given the availability of primary, secondary school and college.

11.    Entertainment:

New Metro city is not only anxious about the health of its residents but also about their entertainment. It has provided them many places like Club House, Shopping Malls & Multiplex Cinema, Trampoline Park, Kid’s Playing Areas, and Theme Aqua Park to play, relax, and enjoy with their families.

12.    Pleasant Environment:

Gujrat is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan and the New Metro City has enhanced its beauty even further. It provides a pleasant atmosphere where the residents can fully get themselves entertained and get peace of mind.

Pre-Launch of the New Metro City

On the 20th July, there was a pre-launched ceremony on the site of New Metro City held by the community. In this ceremony, about 2000 people were gathered to enjoy the pleasant moments and to get the know-how about the new project of well-known property developer; BSM.

The good news for the interested people is that the booking for New Metro City is currently opened.

You can invest in the project as well as book a plot of your choice to get your dream of living a fantasy lifestyle fulfilled.